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Making Time
Building a timepiece and Horology 101. One of the projects for TIME at ITP-NYU.
Interaction Design, Product Design, Philosophy
Microsoft Viva Learning
Mobile and Desktop products to bring learning to the flow of work, with a key focus on Accessibility.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Product Design, Accessibility
Immersion & Spatial Sound - Samsung Research
Thesis on Immersion, XR, and Spatial Sound leading to a game to bring long-distance friends together.
Sound Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX
Microsoft To Do
Helping users manage their tasks better and get control of their day through storytelling experiences.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Productivity, Product Design
Twitter bot built to share Kurals and Kanyes!
Twitter Bot, Interaction Design, Tamil, Kanye West
Mookambika Mural
Installation commissioned at Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja's new music production studio, made using environment-friendly materials.
Space Design, Experience Design, Installation
Dorian - Mixed Reality
Mixed Reality Practice Tool for Musicians.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Music
The Listening Wall
Interactive installation in movie theaters to get first honest reviews.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Space Design
Dreamed sounds of our trains
Musique concrète and a audio-synced mograph for the track.
Interaction Design, Motion Graphics, Sound Design
Puthir - Physical Computing
Leap Motion, Arduino, and Mazes.
Interaction Design, UX/UI, Game Design, Fabrication
A project studying the complete System of the Kanjivaram Silk Saree Industry and bringing the weavers and customers closer.
System Design, Interaction Design, Fashion, UX/UI
Tint-o-mix - Physical Computing
Get your photo and apply analog filters.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Product Design, Fabrication
Questions - Looking inside
A motion graphic take on Questions and the philosophy behind them.
Motion Graphics, Interaction Design, Graphic Design
A buddy that reminds you to go to sleep.
Interaction Design, Product Design, UX/UI
Everydays Showreel 2018
Select works from my Everydays.
Animation, Motion Graphics, 3D
Everyday Learning Experiments
Side project to learn the flow of Adobe XD and Apple's iOS Guidelines, in One Day.
Interaction Design, UX/UI, Rapid Prototyping
Little Lights
Music & Sound Design for the game by Trio Games.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Sound Design, Game Design
InterVR: IxDA Student Design Challenge 2017
A virtual interviewer which replaces humans. Scared yet?
Interaction Design, UI/UX, System Design
Axis Bank Design Hack
The Axis Bank Design Hack was an intensive 24 Hour Hackathon conducted with the idea of changing the face of Internet Banking.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Rapid Prototyping, Filmmaking
3D - AR Pipeline
Personal project to go through the complete pipeline: Rigging, Modeling, Animating 3D Characters and making an AR experience.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, 3D
Vapp - the video app for people
Personal project to understand and design a video app for developing markets.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Developing Markets
Urban Ladder
Headed all UX initiatives across multiple platforms: Customer-facing website and mobile apps, in-store VR experiences, AR experiences, and creative content.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Ecommerce
Railway Announcers
Onboarding and System Design for Announcers in the Indian Railways.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Game Design, System Design
Rediscovering Design at NID
My first Animation film 2 months into joining design school.
Animation, Character Design, Film
Key Management - Security System
The brief was to identify areas where design intervention could add value to the lives of the security personnel, dive deep into one one of the identified problems and come up with solutions.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Product Design
iDviceMe - UN Volunteering Program
Design an application for Students of Nigeria to connect with Professionals, as part of the United Nations Volunteering Program.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Volunteering
AI-driven application across platforms to handle our personal documents and ease access to information from them.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, AI
Increased engagement and decreased churn by introducing new features and revamped the onboarding experience.
Fashion, Interaction Design, UI/UX
36 Days of Type - Year 2
Graphic Design, Digital Art, Typography
Architecture Miniseries
Architecture Miniseries, rendering one architectural work every day as part of my Everydays.
Architecture, Graphic Design, Digital Art
dFrost '17 Branding
Branding for the annual design festival, called dFrost, held at the National Institute of Design, Bangalore.
Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction
36 Days of Type
36 Days of Type is an annual project that invites Designers, Illustrators and Graphic Artists to express their particular view on letters and numbers of the English alphabet.
Digital Art, Motion Graphics, Typography
On Our Own
Branding for an event management company. With a difference.
Branding, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Freaks of Nature
'Freaks of Nature' started off my everyday project. It started as a collage to test my compositional skills, and the entire project finally ended with a common compositional thread running through all the individual works. You can check them out at http://surajbarthy.tumblr.com/ #Ps25Under25
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Just a design. Everyday. #MadeThis #PassportToCreativity
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Sound Design
Halloween Party Characters
Horror characters that bring back our childhood. For the poster of a Halloween Party. (Best Viewed on Behance.)
Character Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
The Minimal Project
A project to satisfy my obsession with minimalism, and to give my own style to the style. Heck, some might not even appear what they seem.. :)
Graphic Design
The Eye Uno
Finding a unique way to show the story of a motion picture. This was one of my first trysts with overpainting, and using stock primarily. It was my first attempt at moving away from my style and trying something new.
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Retouching
Bazooka - The Short Film
This is a short film project by the Frappe' - the Film Society of NIT Trichy. It is a dark movie with many themes incorporated into it. Catch it on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGj_GJ-f4cE
Creative Direction, Film, Graphic Design
I was invited to design the logo and identity of this company based in NIT Trichy. The target audience was students and so, the logo was supposed to be funny and catchy. Only black and white were used as it was a photocopying based company.
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
No Shave November
A poster for celebrating men, as a part of 'No Shave November'. This is what I looked like when November ended.
Cartooning, Digital Art, Illustration
The Master of Nakkals
To the man who redefined Comedy. The man who gave a whole new meaning to the word 'counter'. The Master of Nakkals. Belated Birthday Wishes Goundamani sir. Couldn't think of a better gift for you. Here is the other one.
Drawing, Film, Graphic Design
Mission 200!
As I am sure you all must be following the news from J&K where floods have wrecked havoc causing the deaths of over 200 Indians! To help out, a friend of mine proposed Mission 200! All each one of us needs to do is to make sure that he/she somehow raises Rs 200 by oneself. The link where you can make your contributions: Link : https://pmnrf.gov.in/
Graphic Design, Illustration, Print Design
The Superstar
His larger than life magnanimous persona cannot be defined in a thousand words. To every Indian childs' superhero. The man who redefined cinema. Happy Birthday Superstar!!
Digital Art, Drawing, Film
Endrendum Raja
If Music is a language, Ilayaraja is God. Happy Birthday Ilayaraja Sir. Style inspired by Brainless Tales.
Digital Art, Film, Music
The Wait - The Short Film
I worked as Graphic Designer in this short film which was completed in a day. I worked on the editing too in some stop motion sequences. Catch it on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pact8bbe-ok
Creative Direction, Film, Graphic Design
NH 45 - The Short Film
I was the Visual Designer for this Short Film about money and more. Incidentally, I was also the Music Composer for this film. Catch it on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0v5qpqYZs6Q
Creative Direction, Film, Graphic Design
Branding for the National Level Technical Symposium of the Department of Production Engineering of the Velammal College of Engineering.
Art Direction, Branding, Print Design
Tania & Romeo - The Short Film
Art Direction, Costume Design and Graphic Design for a Short Film involving Journalism, parallel storylines and of course, murder. Catch it on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZs--lfuvCg
Art Direction, Film, Motion Graphics
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