To someone who taught everyone to stay themselves whatever happens.Patrick Star, this is for you!!
Drinking Robots, Talking Heads, Singing Lobsters, and more. To the greatest TV show ever made.
A tribute poster to one of the best and most under-rated thriller movies ever made.ย Adhey Kangal, the movie that stood above the rest in its time and even now. It is sure to bring back a lot of memories to those that watched it.
The second Character Poster (Minimal) of the sweet little sister we all came to love, from the same show. To all the sisters in my life.
The Third Character Poster (Minimal) from the The Minimal Project. Say Hi to the Boy Genius!!
A Character Poster (Minimal) of a very famous and favourite character from a very famous and yes, favourite show.
To one of the first Evil Masterminds I came to know.ย 
"Big, dumb, balding, North American ape, with no chin." - The Simpsons
An exhausted subject for a minimal poster.. But I didnt come across any on this line.. So here it is.. Hope this clears doubts about the real totem..
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