In my final presentation, my love for motion graphics came to the front and I decided to make an accompanying, audio-synced mograph for the track. This is the result.
Musique Concrète - music constructed by mixing recorded sounds, first developed by experimental composers in the 1940s.

During my Elective Course at NID Ahmedabad, I stumbled upon musique concrète and discovered a whole new world. Being a course on Sound Design, I set out recording the sounds of the Indian Railways and put them together to create a track which can be found in my Soundcloud channel.

All of us in the course set out on long train journeys (Oh yes, I grew up traveling in trains) and these were some of the stations that we set foot on:
The soundtrack was presented in two parts:

1. An exhibit inside a bus (converted into a train)
1. An interactive website
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