A GIF of Microsoft Viva Learning on a mobile phone screen with the desktop version behind it.

I was fortunate to have worked on both the Mobile (Android & iOS) and Desktop versions of Viva Learning.

Youtube video titled 'The Future of Employee Experience'

Microsoft Viva Learning is part of the Viva platform which is made of four specific modules: connections, insights, topics, and learning. This is a project that came from Microsoft's mission  '' and Microsoft's focus on The Future of Employee Experience.

When I joined Microsoft Viva Learning, our mission was to create a cross-platform, Microsoft-built learning platform that would help bring learning into the flow of work for employees. 

Starting off as an IC and then building and working with a team, working on the mobile product and then facilitating the handoff of the desktop product from around the world, working with global teams and remotely defined my experience in this role.

Youtube video titled 'Introducing Microsoft Viva Learning'

The biggest takeaway from my time at Microsoft was focusing on accessibility (a11y in short) and achieving the Microsoft 'Accessibility in Action'. This facet of product design has changed the way I look at life and appreciate and experience design more.
This project is under an NDA. Please contact for further details. Thank you.
Credits: Amit Singh, Mayura Datar, Swapnil Ghodke, Deepika Nanda, Jibin Varghese, Adarsh Shah and very smart engineers and PMs
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