I wake up every morning looking forward to what I will be doing that day and not thinking of what I do as work at all. I believe that I am where I am supposed to be.

'To make a change through design' is my line to live by.

I had the good fortune to volunteer online with the United Nations and Noble Missions recently to design the User Experience and Interface of a mobile application to be used by Student's in Nigeria.
Noble Missions
Noble Missions is a tech non-profit social enterprise based in Nigeria with support from volunteers all over the world. They deploy technology to realize the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). Their vision is to see a world where technology is available and accessible to all citizens to foster sustainable development and reduce hunger. And their mission is using digital tools to advance education in Africa.

These are people who have made it their life's work to make the world a better place. They are just beautifully patient, understanding and a joy to work with.
The Task
The task was to design a new mobile app called iDviceMe for one of Noble Mission's new programs. The project's goal is to crowd-source professional advice for students and fresh graduates. I was expected to coordinate and collaborate with them through regular meetings through Skype and WhatsApp.
The Users
The app was for student's in Nigeria to ask questions from professionals according to categories and sub-categories. The other side, that of the professional, was to help them look at questions that they know they can answer and help the student's. The catch was to design an interface that would be similar for both types of users.
The Process
After the first meeting, I had made a simple flow map after my whiteboard sessions to make it easier to communicate.
After this general understanding, I set out to work on the general wireframes and arrived at a state where they were still frames, but they also had some mock content.
The Colour
The primary colour in the palette was chosen in a shade of Green to reflect the ideologies of the app: progress, growth and vitality through knowledge and informed decisions. It was also a nod to Nigeria, the beautiful country itself.
The Experience
The opportunity to work with a team from around the world, the encouragement and inspiration of the volunteers helped make this a very enriching and fun experience.
The Tools
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