<Update: The bot has been deactivated, but the account is comatose.>

A Twitter bot that tweets a Thirukkural with its meaning, every day. This was built for a class with Dan Shiffman. The project started as a series of p5 sketches to learn about Markov chains (blog)and went to become a bot that alternated between Thirukkural and  Kanye West quotes as tweets. It went on to tweet only Kurals due to the sanctity and educational element.

The next step is to make the bot reply with a kural to followers' tweets if they tag the account based on the hashtags in their tweet. For example, #money could make the bot reply with
பொருளல் லவரைப் பொருளாகச் செய்யும்
பொருளல்லது இல்லை பொருள்.
which means 'Besides wealth, there is nothing that can change people of no importance into those of (some) importance.'

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