As part of the part philosophy, part science class by Jeff Feddersen at ITP, I was introduced to Horology, the art of making clocks and watches. I had held onto my dad's old HMT watch (gifted to him in 1979) which I had grown up and pointed out to him that its name was Suraj. He had been looking at it every day and had not realized it. I was not named after the watch though (Story for another day). 

The assignment was open-ended, with my peers choosing to make a spectrum of explorations, from fractal clocks to the time on Jupiter. I decided to go the mechanical way.

I had a great time (pun not intended) working on this and focusing on the tiny components. It brought a refreshing take to my process. I will be continuing this and making more watches.

The inspiration

Timelapse of the building process

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