I had spent around a month in Mumbai working on this application that helps Indian users manage their documents and ease their interactions with the details without compromising on their privacy. This app was actually made to build a training dataset of Indian documents, namely PAN Card, Passport, Driver's Licence, Rental agreements, et al which are unique to India. This dataset would then be used to train the AI for the parent app, Houm.
Working with a really small team and using our previous learnings to solve problems (like this app itself) was a challenging part of the journey. This app had to be fit into the overall timeline and was done in a month.
Working closely with the Technology Team and getting to know more about working with AI was a big learning experience.
My Role
1. Design -
The flow of the complete app, constructing user journeys and scenarios, testing and most importantly, designing for a user base across age groups made this even more worthwhile.
2. New Interactions -
I was responsible for designing new interactions to make AI understandable with something known as Bridge Design, coined by my Product Head, Rahul Khanna.
Unfortunately, I can only share and discuss this project for the purpose of a Portfolio Review or an Interview as the product is in the last stages of development. If you would like to know more about my work at Houm, reach me at surajbarthy@gmail.com
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